The Year in Review

A year of opportunities and challenges

The EU’s growing commitment to standardization is a clear trend. 2023 saw new European regulations on several fronts, with more on the way. One consequence of this was record numbers of incoming orders for standards that support businesses with their implementation. On the other hand, we have encountered major challenges in getting harmonized standards approved by the European Commission, an important issue if the standardization system is to function smoothly. I am working actively to find a solution in my roles as the CEO of SIS and a Vice-President at CEN.

A world of growing political pressures, climate challenges and surging technological development makes higher expectations of us in terms of remaining relevant and spreading awareness of standardization. Making our voice heard over the noise and reaching out to the vast range of Swedish businesses and organizations for whom standards and standardization offer major under-exploited benefits is a tough challenge. We need to give them a helping hand here!

The pace of change is increasing at SIS too. During the year, we have continued our digital transformation, improving efficiency and bringing in automation. One example is the new standard format, which provides a better user experience, alongside new products and services. This is an exciting development where we are also having an impact internationally at CEN and the ISO.

Looking ahead, we will be focusing our energies on three strategic commitments: Contributing to sustainable development, Strengthening Sweden’s international influence, and Developing services that create value. In combination, this will take us towards our vision of being a unifying force for a competitive Sweden.

I look forward to this journey with you in your capacity as a member, participant, customer or employee. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in various ways towards our operations and the brilliant tools we have that share good solutions and make a better future a reality.

Annika Andreasen
CEO Swedish Institute for Standards

Annika Andreasen

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